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Lab test sieve analysis

Lab test sieve shaker with sieve frame/tray is widely used for size analysis in food, pharmaceuticals, chemical, coal and mining, and other industries. 

Lab Test Sieve

Regarding our test sieve
1.Small noisy, less than 50 db;
2.Timer, max 99 mins setting
3.Different diameter, 100mm/4 inches,200mm/8 inches,300mm/12 inches, 400mm;
4.Frame/tray, doule layer,internal and external polishing.
5.Standard international woven mesh, perforated square or round hole
6.Stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316L, brass material optional

Our test sieve have been exported to countries all over the world, Germany, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Holland, Kenya... and feedback well.

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