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  • double-strand-chain A visit to our elevator chain plant

    1. The plate link chain was divided into single strand chain and double strands chain. 2. The ring chain was used in the heavy materials’ rising. 3. The belt chain can only suffer 40 to 50 degree centigrade, not suitable for corrosive materials.

  • plane-belt The recognition of belt conveyor for a newcomer

    1. Working principle of belt conveyor. 2. Herringbone belt and plane belt. 3. The different kinds of roller.

  • vertical vibration motor About the motor of vibrating screen machine, is it magnetic?

    Our motor is not magnetic, fully conform to the transportation testing standard. When the machine transported from express company

  • after-sales-service If I choose your products what service I will get?

    Before Sales:
    1> Accept customer consultation, according to the customer demand; determine the scale of factory management, providing solutions.
    2> For customer training and technical personnel;
    3> According to customer request, design and manufacture products;
    4> The company sent engineering and technical personnel to the user scene, planning for the optimal design of the flow field, and the solutions;
    5> For customers in relevant technical documents.
    1> you can get 13 months free service and lifetime technical service;

  • CRUSHER It's my first time to purchase the crusher, how to choose?

    xinxiang dayong vibration equipment Co.,Ltd has rich experience in design and producing the crusher, and all machine have passed ISO and CE certification. If it's your first time to purchase the crusher, We can help you and recommend the suitable machine, please tell us the following information:
    1). What's the material you are going to deal with?
    2). What's the granularity of the material?
    3). What's the granularity of the final products are you going to achieve?
    4). What's the handling capacity you need?
    5). What is the voltage in your local?

  • screw-conveyor How to choose the suitable conveyor equipment?

    How to choose the suitable conveyor equipment? According to our clients' request, we can design the belt conveyor, screw conveyor and bucket conveyor etc. So if you trust us, please provide the following information:
    1.What kind of materials will you conveyor or lift?
    e.g. (coal, cereal, ore, cement, grain,etc.)
    2.What is the features of the materials?
    e.g. <(size, moisture, density, temperature,etc.)
    3.How much is the capacity of the equipment you require?
    e.g. (20t/h)
    4.How to conveyor your materials?
    e.g. (vertically, horizontally or incli

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