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  • sawdust conveying project The sawdust conveying project for Australia clients

    The sawdust conveying project for Australia clients is under production, wecome to everyone visit our factory.

  • Sawdust or wood chips conveyor production line Sawdust or wood chips conveyor production line

    Raw materials: sawdust is dry wood chips with a specific gravity of 0.5. Handling capacity: eight cubic meters per hour. Need conveying height: conveying 25 meter height to the packaging equipment.

  • rotary sifter Caked and fine powder material sieving machine---rotary sifter

    It is known to all that most sieving machines are designed as sieving by the material property and the vibration force, but for the light specific gravity, easy caked material, other sieving machine has not obvious effect. So, according to this two sieving problems, Xinxiang Dayong Vibration Equipment Co., Ltd. designed a new sieving machine--rotary sifter.

  • screw conveyor operation Operation and Maintain of LS Type Screw Conveyor

    (1)Before feeding material, the operator should run this machine without load. The feeding should be kept uniformly, no large vast feeding, no run overload. (2) Without special situation, no stop with load. Stop this machine when the material on the machine is finished completely. If emergency braking with load, the operator should discharge some material before start again.

  • vibration table Features and advantages of vibration table

    1. In the using process of vibration table, you can change the material on the vibration table into ideal form by adjusting the excited force of vibration motor. 2. The vibration motor is the excited source. Low noise, small power consumption and simple maintenance.

  • circular vibrating screen Summary of ring groove rivet on circular vibrating screen

    Varieties: flat head, countersunk head, semi-circular head. Consist of two parts: rivet and nail. A rivet is composed of a nail rod and a nail sleeve. Classification: big diameter ring groove rivet, small diameter ring groove rivet, bobtail.

  • vibrating screen What factors can determine the handling capacity of vibrating screen?

    1. The handling capacity of vibration screen is mainly determined by the width of screen surface and each vibrating parameter of screen body. If the screen width was given, the vibration screening effect will be determined by the length of screen surface, the characteristics and granularity of material.

  • vibrating screen Some knacks of judging whether the material of vibration screen is 304 or 201

    Now I will introduce some knacks of judging whether the material of vibration screen is 304 or 201. The 201 stainless steel is just a little better than the common steel with small difference.

  • vibrating screen Summary of vibrating screen troubles 02

    The vibration screen can’t be started or has small amplitude 1. The motor is damaged. 2. The electrical component of control circuit is damaged. 3. The voltage is insufficient. 4. The accumulated material amount on the screen surface is too large.

  • vibrating screen Summary of vibrating screen troubles 01

    The bearing temperature is too high: 1. The grease is insufficient. 2. The grease is too much. 3. The grease is dirty and metamorphic. 4. The bearing is damaged.

  • linear vibration screen What abnormal phenomenon does the linear vibration screen often appear?

    1. Two motors must take synchronization opposite motion. Inch the device to observe the motor’s running direction. 2. Check whether they are in normal running. Inch each motor individually to observe whether they are normal.

  • vibrating screen How to prolong the service life of vibrating screen?

    Prolonging the equipment’s service life should be started from reducing the equipment failure rate. The vibration screen’s main malfunction parts are in generally three aspects: screen mesh, vulnerable accessory loss and motor malfunction.

  • circular vibration screen The maintenance and inspection of circular vibration screen

    Weekly inspection: check whether the vibrator and each bolt are loose, the rubber spring is worn, the screen surface is worn or the screen hole is too large. If is, please handle it.

  • vibrating screen The determinant of vibrating screen price

    The client’s principal concern is the vibration screen’s quality and price. Its quality is determined by the design and production. So what factors can determine the vibration screen price?

  • vibrating screen Tightness inspection of oil seal of vibration screen

    The oil seal is just a sealing ring. Normally, its diameter is smaller than the shaft diameter. It will play a role after the oil added on the bearing.

  • linear vibration screen The trouble maintenance and details of linear vibration screen

    1. Check the power condition first when the vibration screen can’t be started. For the vibration screen, its core is the motor. So when it can’t be started, focus on the motor inspection at the premise of the power has no trouble.

  • circular vibration screen Some maintenance skills of circular vibration screen

    The normal working temperature of circular vibration screen eccentric bearing should be less than 60 degrees. Because of the running-in process of new exciting vibrator, the temperature may be a little higher.

  • jaw crusher Jaw crusher malfunctions and maintenance

    1. The anchor bolt is loose or broken. 2. The flying slot wheel deviates. 3. The foundation fixture of main engine is not fixed and there is not vibration isolation measure.

  • bouncing ball The function and classification of bouncing ball in vibration screen

    The vibration screen is widely used and the screening material is various. You can choose different configurations according to different material.

  • trommel screen The application and difference of shaft and shaft-less trommel screen?

    The motor of trommel screen and drum device are connected by the coupling. The motor drives the drum device to rotate around the shaft. When the material enters the trommel screen, it will be screened by the rotation function of drum device.

  • vibration screening machines Detailed description of several vibration screening machines in different material

    With the technology development of different type material, carbon steel vibration sieving machinery is not able to meet the more and more material needs, such as food grade,chemical grade, medicine grade and all kinds of corrosive, acid and alkali material.

  • dewatering screen The use and repair of dewatering screen

    1. Operation: the operator should know the screen machine characteristics well. Before working, he should read the introduction and duty record in detail.

  • silo wall vibrator The summary of silo wall vibrator

    Silo wall vibrator is also known as anti-blocking device and silo wall shaker. It is used for prevent and eliminate all kinds of blocking and arch-tower phenomenons caused by inside friction, deliquescing, electrification, segregation and others of the material.

  • TSS dehydration screen The installation and inspection of TSS dehydration screen

    Installation: The vibrating motor anchor bolt hole and anchor bolt should be matched closely. The anchor should be tightened and reliable. The nuts, spring cushion rings and others should be locked tightly to prevent loosening.

  • jaw crusher The troubles and eliminating methods of jaw crusher

    The flywheel continues to run while the machine stops working, the lining plate in the groove falls off. 1. the spring is broken 2. The pull rod is broken 3. The pull rod nut is loose

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