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How to Solve The Mixing Situation of The Shaker

First check the sealing between vibration sieve body and sieve frame. The screen frame and the screen body of the vibrating screen are provided with sealing strips for sealing. Common sealing strips are made of rubber or silicone. After the vibrating screen is applied for a period of time, the sealing strip will deform or crack. Xinxiang Dayong proposed that customers should regularly maintain the application of the sealing gaskets when applying the vibrating screen, and if it is damaged, it should be removed and replaced immediately.

The second reason is that the screen is damaged. The screen of the vibrating screen belongs to the spare parts, and the damage to the screen is different for different screening materials. The continuous load on the screen during continuous work of the screening machine will cause damage to the screen. In the processing process, it should be promptly dismantled to ensure the quality of the screening material.

In the end, the trajectory of the material on the sieve surface, resulting in small particles and large particles can not be completely classified. In general, this situation is often a difficult problem from the perspective of a vibration motor. Generally, the angle of view of the motor is adjusted to 65 degrees when shipment. In the application, the angle of the motor can be adjusted according to the screening condition of the material. In order to change the running trajectory of the material on the screen surface, to improve the screening precision.

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