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How to solve the machine getting low efficiency screening problem?

Many manufacturers (use screening equipment)  often encounter such a problem.
At early time use new screening equipment, the sieving efficiency is much good, and can effectively achieve the desired results. But after some times, the devices will get lower screening efficiency, also will involved leakage and noise, etc., not only affect the production schedule, but also affect the workshop environment. So how to effectively avoid these problems?
The following is the solution from Xinxiang Dayong vibration equipment Co., Ltd.
Firstly, Check the cleaning equipment regularly. (after the equipment is sieved, use a brush or air pump to clean the screening surface. to prevent the material from remaining inside the device), which can effectively avoid sticky material clogging the mesh or residual material afftect the product quality.

Secondly, During the long-term use of the equipment, it will naturely appear the sealing damaged or the screw loosening. then it will resulted in leakage and noise and so on. mainly it will be the the screw looseness on the clamp ring  and the sealing ring on the screen frame. So please tighten the beam ring screws and replace the grid sealing ring on a regular basis. 
Thirdly, If use the equipment for actually long time, the motor angle changes will can not avoided, thus affecting the screening. Therefore, the motor angle should be checked regularly. Usually it need checked every six months. 
How will the motor angle affect the screening, we will continue to answer in next link.
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