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How To Extend The Service Life of Emery Linear Vibrating Screen

The emery linear vibrating screen is mainly composed of a screen box, a vibrating motor, a shock absorber and a bracket. The screen box contains a screen frame, screen mesh, liner, etc. The excitation force of the vibration motor can be adjusted by adjusting the eccentric mass of the motor. How to extend the service life of the screen machine?

First, manufacturing
If you want the equipment to have a long service life, the production process of the linear vibrating screen must be perfect, which means that the product quality must be guaranteed. Product quality is mainly manifested in some details such as:

1. Do not adjust the excitation force of the vibrating motor to 100%. Extending the service life of the vibrating motor will also prolong the life of the vibrating screen.

2. Because the specific gravity of emery is heavier, it is best to use iron grids instead of wooden grids for the linear screens, and the screens use a composite mesh structure, that is, a thick lined under the number of screen meshes that need to be screened The mother screen of the wire diameter can extend the service life of the screen.

Second, use and maintenance
The maintenance work done during use also directly affects the service life of the screening machine. Maintenance is mainly in the following aspects:

1. For the maintenance of the vibrating motor, the vibrating motor of the emery linear screen is composed of a group of motors with the same power excitation force, so its maintenance is very important. If the oil injection motor needs to pay attention to the oil injection maintenance after three months of use, Check whether the bearing seal is normal every month to prevent oil leakage.

2. The screen and the vibration spring also need to be checked frequently. Do not use the screen if it is broken, which will affect the screening effect of the screener.

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