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How To Choose The Suitable Model Of Linear Vibrating Screen

Linear screen is the most common kind of screening equipment, which is widely used in various industries, but for some customers who have site restrictions, how to choose linear screen equipment?

The venue is too short
Due to the nature of its working principle, the linear screen makes a parabolic movement of the material on the screen surface under the action of the exciting force. The design of the screen surface of the linear screen makes full use of its screen area. If you encounter a short field length, you can’t put down the conventional linear screen, due to the large volume and high layer number of our regular linear sieve equipment, it will not be able to place our equipment, at this time we need a special order. For example, the discharge port can be set to an inclined or downward position, the width is made 1 meter and the length is 80 cm, etc., the specific can be determined according to your needs.

Narrow field width
When the site is narrow and long, the linear screen can choose a smaller width and a longer linear screen equipment. The discharge port can be designed to extend forward and downward, for example, a straight screen with a width of 500mm, a length of 2 meters, 2.5 meters, or 3 meters.

At this time, you can choose our comany to provide this service to you, and we will customize machine as your requirement and production site.

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