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How To Choose The Right Vibrating Screen Accessories

1. Vibration motor: The power of the vibration motor configured for different types of vibrating screens is also different, so it should be selected reasonably. On the other hand, vibration motors can be divided into two types: ordinary and explosion-proof. If the use environment or materials cannot have open flame or overheating, please use explosion-proof vibration motors; for flour workshops with large dust, they also need to use explosion-proof motors when choosing vibration motors.

2. Damping spring: The specific use of composite springs, steel springs, or rubber springs should match the model on the original screening machine, mainly to choose springs with strong damping effects.

3. Bearings: Bearings are important parts of vibration motors. Their quality determines the service life of the motor. The selection of bearings can be divided into domestic bearings and imported bearings. Imported bearings will be higher than domestic ones, but both quality and noise are important. Better than domestic bearings. Therefore, please choose according to actual consumer requirements when selecting; when replacing bearings, be sure to choose the same type of bearing.

4. Sealing ring: Nowadays, vibrating screen manufacturers generally use silicone sealing strips. When selecting, please choose the corresponding sealing strips according to the diameter of the screen frame.

5. Screen: The screen is a component directly in contact with the material. Its quality determines the accuracy of the material. The screen can be divided into metal woven mesh and perforated plate. When screening small particles, powder, and slurry Metal woven screens can be used for materials, such as perforated plates for larger materials;

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