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How To Choose Linear Vibration Screen

The vibrating screen uses vibration motor excitation as a source of vibration, so that the material is thrown on the screen and moves forward linearly. Through the multi-layer screen, several specifications of upper and lower screen materials are generated and discharged from their respective outlets. The fully enclosed structure of the linear screen, no dust spillage, automatic discharge and other characteristics, is more suitable for 24-hour assembly line operations.

The four major selection factors of linear screening machine:
1. The choice of motor: vibration motor is one of the important accessories of linear vibration screen, it not only affects the screening efficiency but also affects the screening accuracy, so the working efficiency of vibration motor efficiency, exciting Vibration, power and other aspects need attention.

2. Adjustment of excitation force: The excitation force is the main factor that affects the productivity of the vibrating screen. The production and the excitation force have an exponential relationship. The increase in the excitation force causes the rate of productivity to increase, and the clogging rate increases with the increase in the excitation force The speed drops, so the magnitude of the exciting force has a great influence on the linear vibrating screen to a certain extent.

3. The length of the screen surface: The length and width of the screen surface of the linear screen machine directly affect the screening power. The length of the linear screen machine represents the screening fineness of the vibrating screen. The longer the machine, the screen fineness The higher the width of the sieve surface determines its sieving output, the wider the sieve surface of the vibrating screen, the stronger the sieve capacity, but it is still rationally designed with its reasonable design.

4. The strength of the manufacturer: the manufacturer is the place where the product is produced, and the quality of the product has a direct relationship with the manufacturer. It is reliable to choose the large-scale vibration.

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