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How To Choose A Suitable Vibrating Screen Model In The Feed Industry

There are many types of vibrating screens that need to be used in the feed industry, which are generally reflected in the selection of raw materials and the classification of finished feed. So how to choose?

The first is the screening and removal of raw materials. The selection model mainly takes into account some of the characteristics of the materials. For example, the raw material for feed production is generally corn. Only the impurities in the corn need to be removed. The grain size of the corn is large, so it is generally used. The linear vibrating screen passes through the screen briefly. For the needs of the production line, the screening output is usually large, so the 1530 model large output screening machine is often used.

However, for the screening of finished feed, it is necessary to classify the feed pellets from the pelletizer into different types of materials according to the size of the pellets. The final selling price is also different. Therefore, a vibrating screen is required when distinguishing feeds. Try to be as detailed as possible. Therefore, most manufacturers are accustomed to using three-dimensional vibrating screens. This type of screening machine material takes a long time to rotate on the screen surface, so the screening is relatively fine. According to the customer's production output, generally choose a 1.5-meter rotary vibrating screen mostly.

In summary, the following points should be considered for the selection of the vibrating screen model:
1. The characteristics of screening materials
2. The purpose of material screening
3. Output of screened materials

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