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How to choose a suitable vibrating screen for sieving limestone powder

Material name: Limestone particles

Screen mesh number: 20 mesh
Technical requirements: screening 10 tons per hour, passing rate of 70%, accumulation in the open air, easy to absorb moisture.

According to the customer's requirements, it is recommended to use a linear vibrating screen. Considering the particularity of the customer's material, it is recommended to use a rigid grid, which can screen 10 tons per hour, and it is recommended to use a width of 1800mm and a length of 4000mm.

Why use a rigid grid?
Generally, the wire mesh frame of the linear screen is a wooden wire frame, which has a low cost. However, the utilization rate of the wooden wire frame is relatively short, and after a period of use, due to the characteristics of the wooden material, the sawdust will drop off. Limestone powder has many uses and the output of screening is relatively large. Therefore, the use of rigid grids can maximize the screening of limestone.
Limestone powder vibrating screen has a wide range of applications and a large screening output. It is an indispensable mechanical equipment on the limestone production line.

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