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How To Choose A Machine For Sieving Corn Starch

Corn starch is produced by crushing, sieving, sedimentation, drying, and grinding of corn. Generally, after dehydration and drying of corn starch, corn starch with a moisture content of about 12%-15% will be obtained in most of the current processes. The moisture content is a very important parameter in sieving and affects the effectiveness and efficiency of sieving.

Vibrating screens are mostly equipment for removing impurities or grading dry powders and particles. The lower the moisture content of the powder, the better the fluidity of the powder and the easier it will pass through the screen. The easier it is to screen.

Therefore, the moisture content of corn starch should be controlled within 12% before entering the vibrating screen for screening. Excessive moisture content will easily cause the screen to be quickly stuck. The addition of an ultrasonic system to the equipment can alleviate the phenomenon of screen paste to a certain extent, but it is better to clean or replace the screen in time.

In the corn starch and similar starch industries, rotary vibrating screens (ultrasonic vibrating screens) and swing screens (ultrasonic vibrating screens) are the current mainstream equipment. The equipment is made of 304 stainless steel with a circular shape and the discharge port can rotate 360° , It is convenient for on-site layout and connection with lower receiving equipment.

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