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How to achieve the maximum use of the screen on the rotary vibrating screen?

Dayong series rotary vibrating screen application range is very wide, mainly including food, chemical industry, metal metallurgy, medicine, etc. . So the problem of how to reduce the using costs of rotary vibrating screen, and increase the profit of industry will confused many customers.

The screen, as the consumable of the rotary vibrating screen, especially the high standard and high accuracy screen, the price is very expensive, if the replacement is too frequent, resulting in the costs of using rotary vibrating screen increased a lot. It is a matter of concern for every customer using the screening device of rotary vibrating screen. How to control the frequency of screen changes effectively, and maximize the use of sieve mesh. The manufacturer of Dayong vibrating screen is to organize some methods to maximize the use of the sieve mesh:

Firstly, after using rotary vibrating screen, cleaning screen in time, to prevent material from blocking the screen to affect the efficiency of screening.

Secondly, using a rotary vibrating screen with a sub-sieve mesh structure, the mother screen can effectively protect the sub-sieve to prevent the material from entering the feeding port to the impact of the sub-sieve.

Thirdly, adding the buffer unit to the feeding port, When the material enters the feeding port, by using the buffer unit, the material can evenly distributed on the screen, then it will reduce the impact of material on screen (especially materials with larger proportion), in turn, the sieving of materials is also more efficiency.

The screen is the main component of the vibrating screen equipment and even all the vibrating screen equipment. The quality of screen directly affects the screening efficiency of materials, so maximizing the utilization of the screen is the purpose of using the rotary vibrating screen equipment.