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How to improve the exciting force of vibration motor

The exciting force is the most important element for affecting screening efficiency. The screening effect was often affected by the lower exciting force such as some sticky materials and static materials. The mesh would be blocked by these materials and the effective screening areas and the screening efficiency would be lessen if with a lower exciting force.

After knowing the exciting force’s origin, we can analyze that the essential factor of the exciting force in a vibrating screen is from the motor.General speaking, it is expensive to change another large power motor. Thus, the frequent method for improving exciting force is to adjust the eccentric hammers.The vibration motor was divided into two types as horizontal type vibration motor and vertical type vibration motor. The adjusting way for these two motors are not same.

First,the horizontal type vibration motor. The operator could adjust the angle of eccentric hammer installed on the different sides of the axle to increase the exciting force. The exciting hammer of horizontal vibration motor was installed every two pieces on two sides of the motor. The larger the angle, the smaller the exciting force, the smaller the angle, the larger the exciting force.When two eccentric is overlap, the exciting force is largest.
Second,the vertical type vibration motor. The operator could add another balancing weights to increase the exciting force. The eccentric hammer was installed on the top and bottom side. The eccentric hammer on the top is fixed, while the bottom one is adjustable. Both these two hammers can be added extra balancing weights to adjust the exciting force of the motor. What the operator need to pay more attention to is the increase and decrease of balancing weights on the top and bottom should be consistent.