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General malfunction of screw conveyor

1.Less power and some noise when start 
Solution: To sole this problem caused by phase loss, operator should to supply phase but should not start belt conveyor forcibly, or the motor would be burned down.
2. Abnormal noise or high temperature in reducer 
solution: The abnormal noise is probably caused by the damaged bearing gear or bad lubrication in the inner of reducer. The operator could change the gear or add lubricting oil. All centres of every gear are not on one single line, which causes the friction between the gears. The operator should check carefully to make sure the input shaft is normal.
3. The oil leaks in reducer
solution:Check whether the oil is excess or check whether the oil seal is damaged.
4. The dislocation of hanger bearing make spiral blocked and bended.
Solution: Keep the hanger bearings and connecting shaft same concentricity. 
5. The hanger bearings are easy to wear
solution:Keep great seal and lubrication; choose high-quality and wearable screw to lengthen the hangerbearings's life.
6. Heaping materials on the inlet
solution: Convey reasonable material and keep uniform. Don't make the inlet distorted, or the conveying would be uneven.