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Four kinds different materials stainless steel screw conveyor

With the conveying technology development of different type material, carbon steel screw conveyor is cannot able to meet the increasingly become multi-material needs,such as food grade and chemical grade, all kinds of corrosive, acid and alkali-type material . So there is a new type of screw conveyor-stainless steel is produced, stainless steel screw conveyors occupies a very important market share in today's market , but there are many model stainless steel screw conveyor, they also have different chemical properties,so we need find out which is best suited to it?

1. 201 stainless steel screw conveyor, which is a relatively common, but it is not high-quality sheet, but 201 stainless steel having a nickel-chromium alloy with an unstable, having only withstand general corrosion ability, generally do not screw conveyor selection, please pay attention to identify it.
2. 304 stainless steel screw conveyor, stainless steel 304 screw conveyor screw conveyor is the most common kind of material, it is a density of 7.93 g / cm3, it havs high toughness and good corrosion resistance, but also very applicable transportation choice in food grade materials.
3.Stainless steel 316 screw conveyor, 316 stainless steel screw conveyor is another wide range of conveyors, for alkali, acid, corrosive materials, 316 stainless steel screw conveyor is the best choice.
4.310 stainless steel screw conveyor with corrosion resistant, acid and alkali resistant performance also has excellent resistance to high temperature performance, able to continuous operation under high temperature.

A lot of stainless steel material is suitable for the screw conveyor, today mainly introduced the four kinds of commonly used here, the stainless steel material are relatively expensive, so be sure to select the most appropriate according to stock property, please consult us to learn more details.