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Features and advantages of vibration table

1. In the using process of vibration table, you can change the material on the vibration table into ideal form by adjusting the excited force of vibration motor.

2. The vibration motor is the excited source. Low noise, small power consumption and simple maintenance.

3. Simple construction, reasonable running, light weight, small volume and convenient installation.
4. Three vibrating modes: vibrating up and down, spiral vibration and three dimensional vibration.

1. Large power, big tabletop. Maximum power:7.5kw. Maximum excited force:80KN. Maximum bearing box weight: 8T.
2. Adjustable height table, which is suitable for using on the assembly line.
3. Three-dimensional vibration, which is suitable for complex cavity casting.
4. In the modeling process, step-less speed changing can let the material get the best compaction effect, without damaging the model.
5. Self-lock function can ensure accurate positioning in the production line.