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Factors Affecting The Screening Efficiency Of Vibrating Screen

1. The physical properties of the material

Factors such as material density, water content and shape are some important factors that determine whether the material can be screened and how effective the screening is. When the material content is large, the productivity of the screen is also large. When the humidity of the material is high, the screening efficiency will generally decrease. However, the larger the sieve size, the smaller the influence of moisture. Therefore, for wet materials with larger moisture content, in order to improve the screening process, generally the method of enlarging the sieve hole or adopting wet screening can be adopted. Materials with large mud content (when the mud content is greater than 8%) should be wet screened or washed in advance.

2. The nature of the screen surface and the influence of its structural parameters
The vibrating screen makes the particles and the screen surface move vertically, so the screening efficiency is high and the production capacity is large. The relative movement of particles and the screen surface is mainly parallel-moving bar screens, plane vibrating screens, drum screens, etc., and their screening efficiency and production capacity are low. The production process of the vibrating screen, such as the inclination, can affect the screening efficiency of the screening equipment.

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