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Direct discharge flour screen

Direct discharge flour screen is a vibrating screen machine with convenient operation. The reason of calling it direct discharge flour screen is that it is widely used for safe screening of flour. It means rough screening of flour products before next procedure to prevent flour products from appearing label, thrum and small wheat skin crumb. Certainly, the direct discharge flour screen is used for not only flour screening, but also material of same screening principle and requirement according to actual condition. And another point to be noted is that the direct discharge vibrating screen adopts double motors structure. The running track of material is various, which can be adjusted by the need. If the screening machine is smaller, a single horizontal vibrating motor is suitable.

Working principle:
The direct discharge flour screen is a screening filter whose design and research are based on the rotary vibration screen. Two motors in same size are installed at both sides of screening body symmetrically, and eccentric weight hammers are installed at the top and bottom of the motors as the same of rotary vibration screen. The two motors will drive three dimensional motion, which is acted on the screen surface, to achieve screening operation of material. At the same time, the direct discharge design of the discharging port effectively improves the discharging speed and screening output.

Product features:
1. Small occupied space, light weight, easy to move.
2. Compared with the same type of rotary vibrating screen, smaller motor power, low energy consumption, low noise, no effect of working environment of production line.
3. Simple structure, easy operation, convenient for daily demolition, maintenance and repair.
4. Install sealing cover according to the client’s requirement to prevent power from flying.
5. Good working continuity, 24 hours continuous production, no effect of  working efficiency.

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