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Detailed description of several vibration screening machines in different material

With the technology development of different type material, carbon steel vibration sieving machinery is not able to meet the more and more material needs, such as food grade,chemical grade, medicine grade and all kinds of corrosive, acid and alkali material. So a new type vibrating screen produced. Stainless steel vibrating screen occupies a very important market share today. But the stainless steel has many models and different chemical properties. So what’s the most suitable one?


1. Stainless steel 201 material. It is a kind of common but not high-quality plate, which has features of polishing without bubbles, pinholes and others. But it contains unstable nickel-chromium alloy and can only resist general corrosion. It is not selected in the vibration screen machines generally. But individual manufacture who sells shoddy is possible. Please pay attention to the differential.
2. Stainless steel 304 material. It is the commonest material in the stainless steel vibration screen machines. Its density is 7.93g/cm³. High toughness and good anti-corrosive. It is also suitable for screening of food grade material.
3. Stainless steel 316 material. The vibration screen machine in stainless steel 316 material is another vibration screen with widely application after the vibration machine in stainless steel 304. It is the best choice for strong alkali, strong acid and strong corrosive material.
There are many kinds of stainless steel material for vibration screen machine. We have mainly introduced the commonest three kinds of them here. As the price of stainless steel is relatively expensive, please choose the most appropriate one according to the material characteristics. Please consult us for the particular.