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Daily Precautions For Activated Carbon Screening Machine

 Activated carbon has the key role of adsorption and purification. With the country now advocating environmental protection and sanitation, the application of activated carbon is more extensive. Many activated carbon manufacturers are also booming. Because activated carbon is more useful, the particle size is also different. Activated carbon screening machine is used for screening. However, in recent days, many manufacturers have reacted to the editor not knowing the daily precautions of the activated carbon screening machine, which has caused the service life of the activated carbon screening machine to be greatly shortened. Next, I will talk about the daily precautions of the activated carbon screening machine.

(1) Be sure to check whether the transportation support is removed when using it. Many manufacturers forget to remove the transportation support when receiving the goods, which makes the machine unusable, and even more serious damage to the machine will cause casualties to nearby people. Therefore, the transportation support must be removed before use.

(2) There is no hardware debris around 30 cm of the activated carbon screening machine. Because the screening machine may vibrate when it is turned on, if there are things around it will collide and cause damage to the machine or accidents, so there must be nothing around 30 cm.

(3) The inlet and outlet of the active carbon screening machine must use a soft connection, not a hard link. Because the screening machine will vibrate when it is running. If it is a hard link, it will vibrate back and forth and cause damage to the pipeline and equipment.

(4) Before each use of the machine, check whether the screen is loose or damaged. If it is loose and damaged, please replace it with a new screen in time to avoid ensuring that the activated carbon can be screened normally to achieve the screening effect.

(5) When the machine is running, check whether the machine has any special conditions, large noises or other abnormalities, and stop it immediately for inspection and maintenance.

(6) When the machine is in use, it must be turned on first, and then fed. It cannot be turned on after feeding. This will cause the material to accumulate and block the screen, thereby reducing the screening efficiency or failing to screen, and the screen will also be damaged. . When the sieving machine is stopped, it must first stop the feeding and other materials, after all the materials are sieved, and then go out through the discharge port, and then turn off the machine. Otherwise, the materials cannot be sieved and piled up in the sieving machine. Damage will greatly affect the service life of the screening machine.

(7) After the motor is used for a period of time, remember to add lubricant for maintenance.

(8) Before using the sieving machine, check whether the bolts and screws are locked in place. If there is any looseness, they must be tightened and the machine must be turned on after a certain period of operation to ensure safety, reliability and effectiveness.

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