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Commonly Used Model of Sieving Machine For Soy Flour Classification

The production process of soybean flour is: screening soybeans-dehulling-grinding into powder. The first soybean selection process requires the use of a vibrating screen device to clean the collected soybeans from impurities such as stones, straws, etc. The commonly used screening machine The model is linear vibrating screen plus iron remover (mainly to remove iron impurities in soybeans). Two sets of iron removing rods are installed at the feed inlet of the linear screen.

After being ground into powder, the requirements for powder particle size are also different because of the different applications of soybean powder. Therefore, the ground soybean meal needs to use a multi-layer rotary vibrating screen for classification.

The following is an example of our customer's site. The customer's production line requires a processing capacity of 300kg/h, and the screen mesh number is 20, 40, 60. According to the specific gravity of the soybean meal, the model recommended by my vibrating screen manufacturer is DY-1000- The 3S rotary vibrating screen requires that the material of the screen machine is 304 stainless steel, and the motor power is 1.5kw. Because the customer site is made of powder materials, in order to avoid dust explosions, the equipment needs to have high sealing performance, and the corresponding vibration motors are equipped with explosion-proof motors.

In order to increase the utilization rate of soy flour, soy flour that does not meet the demand needs to be returned to the oven and continue to be ground. And the screening accuracy can be improved by adjusting the angle between the upper and lower weights of the vibration motor.

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