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Common Reasons of Damaging Screen for Linear Vibration Screen

1)The quality or material of the screen is unqualified; the screen quality from different manufacturers is also different. When purchasing, we need to ask the vibrating screen manufacturer to provide reliable screen mesh qualification to ensure the service life of the screen.

2)After the screening of the material, the vibrating screen does not clean the interior and the screen surface in a timely manner. Over a long period of time, small particles will be hidden in the screen surface and the screen body. The friction between the screen and the frame causes the screen damaged, so pay attention to clean the screen in time to ensure normal use next time.

3) Compression of the grid; because the screening principle of the linear vibrating sieve is that the material is forced to make a linear motion of the parabola, so when the grid is not tightly pressed and loosened, the grid is also doing the upward and downward force movement. At the same time, the net moves up and down with the net frame, so the screen is easily broken from the edge of the press net.

4) Flatness of the grid: Because the screening principle of linear vibrating screen is that the material is forced to perform a linear motion of the parabola, when the flatness of the grid is not good, it is difficult for the material to make a uniform linear motion on the screen surface. It is easy to ditch like water. At this time, it not only affects the screening output and quality, but also enlarges the part of the screen because of the material ditch. At this time, the grid frame is also doing upward and downward force movement. The grid is moving up and down, so the screen is easy to break from the edge of the press screen.

5) The vibration amplitude of the sieve is too small, causing the material to accumulate on the screen and quickly damage the screen.

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