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Choose the suitable circular screen separator seal ring

1. Rubber seal ring
Because of it's low cost and steady property, rubber seal ring become the most common seal ring spare of vibration screen equipment. But rubber seal ring is not suitable for the materials with such features like corrosivity, high temperature and heavy oiliness. Usually, if customer have no special requirment, vibration screen company would install the rubber ring before the vibration screen leave factory.
2. Silica gel seal ring
Compared with rubber ring, silica gel ring has a higher cost but some advantages such as stable chemical property and thermal property, high adsorption property and mechanical strength. So the silica gel seal ring is a best choice for customer if raw material is suitable for those features.
3. Polyurethane seal ring
Polyurethane seal ring is merely used in vibration screen equipment because of its high cost and narrow application range. But it's a good choice for customer if the material has features such as oiliness,corrosivity and high temperature.