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Changing Screen Steps Of Linear Screening Machine

1. First take out the screen frame from the box.

2. Remove the screws of the press bars and remove the press bars (the press bars of each screen cannot be interchanged).

3. Check the net frame, and the surface of the net frame in contact with the screen should not have bruises or hard scratches. If there is, use fine sandpaper to smooth it.
4. First, spread the cut coarse screen under the screen, flatten around it, and press it with a bead.

5. Spread the cut fine mesh on the net frame.

6. Fasten the press mesh bar, first fix the press mesh bar at the upper end of the discharge, flatten the screen without wrinkles, and then fix the press mesh bar at the feed end. After the net is tightened in the length direction, fix the netting bars on both sides. When fixing the mesh bars on both sides, press the screws in sections from the middle.

7. Use the middle pressing net to press the net tightly.

8. At last, tighten the net-pressing rib screws one by one to make the entire net surface tight.

9. Put the tensioned net frame into the box, install the pressure net frame, and tighten the screws (the surrounding sealing strips must not be broken or missing, and the surrounding seal and the pressure net reinforcement must be tight).

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