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Causes and solutions of bolt breakage of vibrating screen motor

The bolt breakage of vibrating screen motor is usually happened larger model vibrating screen equipment, these larger model equipment have bigger vibration force. More likely to cause bolt breakage, how to solve this question?
According to the analysis of DAYONG MACHINERY, the causes and solutions as follows:

1. because of the long time use, the motor bolts loose, leading to bolt fracture.
Solution: regularly check the loosening of equipment bolts, once abnormal noise occurs, stop the equipment running immediately and fasten or replace bolts in time.

2. maybe when your worker do the replacement of the bolts, no lock tightness, begin to use, resulting in a short period of loose screws, broken.
Solution: when replace bolts, firstly apply special anti glue on the bolts, then lock tightness, stop 15 minutes, then use.
If your equipment also has this question, please don't hesitate to contact us, we will try our best to help you to solve it.

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