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Application of Vibration Screen in Rapeseed Screening

The fruit of rape is carob, which is rapeseed. The rapeseed production process cannot be separated from the vibrating screen. Vibrating sieve requires coarse sieve and fine sieve in the process of sieving seeds. One is to rough sieve large impurities in rapeseed raw materials through a vibrating sieving machine. The other is to remove unsaturated and dried seeds through a vibrating sieve. Some fine sand, powder in the soil, etc. The screening effect of the rapeseed by the shaker has a great influence on the performance of the later seeds.

First coarse sieve process. The seeds before the coarse sieve contain more impurities, and there are some impurities with larger particles, such as stones, hemp chips, straws, and plastic chips. In the coarse sieve process, it is mainly to use the vibrating screen to face the seed material for the first time to remove impurities.
Second, after the coarse sieving process, some small impurities in the seeds are sieved. This process is relatively fine and requires a larger mesh screen to make the seeds after sieve cleaner. After fine sieving, the seed germination rate and later yield will generally be higher. The fine sieved seeds can also be weighed and packed.

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