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Analysis of Causes of Slow Discharge and Low Output of Rotary Vibrating Screen

1. Whether there is a problem with the installation. That is to say, the position of the discharge port is relatively high, and the material cannot be discharged in the direction of the discharge port after the screening in the screening machine is completed, resulting in a reduction in the screening output of the material and a slow discharge. To solve this problem, the equipment needs to be placed on the same horizontal line, so that one side will not be higher.

2. There is a problem with the angle adjustment of the upper and lower weights of the motor. Under normal circumstances, the factory equipment will adjust the angle of the motor to 45 degrees, which is conducive to the accuracy of material discharge and screening. In this case, you only need to adjust the angle of the motor.

3. The craftsmanship is not up to standard. The equipment produced by some small manufacturers often has such problems, mainly because the production craftsmanship cannot meet the requirements, so find a regular manufacturer to buy equipment to reduce worries.

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