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Activated Carbon Screening With Linear Vibrating Screen

Activated carbon with strong adsorption, widely used in chemical, food, environmental protection, due to using in many places, its specification form is also divided into particle and powder. And activated carbon screening more use linear vibration screen, then how to use linear vibrating screen to sieve the activated carbon?

Linear vibrating screen is rectangular in appearance, so called for square vibrating screen, and this structure of vibrating screen relies on double vibration motor to do direction of motor rotation in the same or opposite direction, with the role of double exciting force. After the activated carbon enters the linear sieve, it is intercepted by the screen mesh, under the dual force of self-gravity and vibration motor, different specification of activated carbon enter the different screen frame, and sieved out from respective outlet.

The advantages of activated carbon linear vibrating screen:
1.The output and screening speed of linear vibration screen is relatively rapid than round vibrating sieve.
2.Activated carbon is used in different places, its shape also different, when the activated carbon for particle more use linear vibrating screen, if the activated carbon for powder need to use other model of vibration screen.
3.Activated carbon linear vibration screen for the quality of particle activated carbon provide the indemnification.

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