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6mm Carbon Ore Screening Using Circular Vibrating Screen Or ZSG Mine Screen

In the mining screening equipment, the circular vibrating screen and the ZSG heavy-duty mining vibrating screen are common equipment, and have their own advantages for the treatment of large production and large meshes. So how should we choose for different customer situations?

Let's take the actual situation of the customer as an example to explain the difference between the two devices:
Material: Carbon particles with 10% internal water
Screen mesh hole: 6mm
Particle size distribution: 90% larger than 6mm, 10% smaller than 6mm
Maximum particle size: less than 20mm
Expected processing capacity: 120t/h

The main difference between the circular vibrating screen and the ZSG mine screen is that the circular vibrating screen is single-axis vibrating. A motor is connected to a set of exciters. The screen body moves in a circular motion. The material jumps linearly on the screen surface. The screen surface angle is normal for 20 degree, for the screening and classification of 10mm, 20mm and even larger mesh materials.

The two motors and two sets of vibration exciters (two vibration motors for small ones) used in the ZSG mine screen are biaxial vibrations. The material also jumps in a straight line on the screen surface. The angle of the screen surface is generally 10-15 degree. Relatively speaking, the flow rate of the material is slower than that of a circular vibrating screen, and the number of contact between the material and the mesh is more. For the mesh below 10mm, the screening ratio is more round. The vibrating screen accuracy is slightly higher.

In view of the above situation, it is recommended that customers use the ZSG1836-1P heavy-duty mining vibrating screen, which can meet the requirements of large processing capacity and relatively take into account the screening effect.

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