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Walnut Powder Sieving Machine

Walnut sieving machine can classify walnuts in size and remove impurities such as leaves and branches in walnuts. Generally, the commonly used model is the linear vibrating screen, which can classify and remove impurities of different sizes, and only need to replace the screen. The linear vibrating screen is used for the vibration screening and classification of dry materials like powder, granules or small and medium-sized materials or liquids. The filtering of materials can be used in single layer or multiple layers, but generally up to 6 layers, because in general, the higher the number of layers of the vibrating screen, the poorer screening effect. The larger the screening output, the screening accuracy cannot be guaranteed. We generally recommend that customers install a maximum of 3 layers on the linear screen, so that the screening effect is better. If the screening needs cannot be met, several more equipment can be added, so that both the output and the screening accuracy can be guaranteed.

Our walnut kernel factory customers require 7 kinds of apertures of 4, 8, 12, 14, 16, 22, 26mm. Through communicating with customers on the detailed requirements, we recommend that customers install 4 layers of linear screens, and the other 3 apertures can be replaced. In addition, the customer also mentioned that they want to try two kinds of grids, stainless steel and polyurethane screens. After the customer has finished testing, he will see which form is more suitable for walnut sieving based on the screening situation.

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