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Vibrating Screen In Desiccant Materials

Desiccant vibrating sieve is mainly used to screen and classify materials in the assembly line operation. Pure natural montmorillonite raw materials and montmorillonite desiccant with the same particle size need to go through multiple links. Destoned raw materials are sent to the material making equipment through a hoist, and the range of the material is determined. Then the raw materials are transferred to a dryer for drying. After multiple drying steps, they must be screened by a desiccant vibration sieve.

After screening by the vibrating sieve, the desiccant can be divided into two types, 0.5-1mm and 1-4mm respectively. During the screening and grading process of the material, the floating powder on the surface of the finished montmorillonite desiccant can be sieved. Out, a uniform desiccant was obtained. The perfect cooperation of many mechanical equipments forms a continuous production line, which saves time, labor and efficiency.
The desiccant production requires the use of a desiccant linear vibrating screen. If the company does not require large amounts of production, you can choose a small 520 or 525 desiccant vibrating screen. If the output is large, you can choose 1020, 1040 or larger According to the material screening level, you can choose one, two or more layers of desiccant shaker. In short, customers can choose according to production needs.