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Vibrating screen for tea screening

 Tea screening machine is a common equipment in tea processing, used to screen and classify tea leaves according to size and shape. Its application not only improves the quality and market competitiveness of tea, but also improves production efficiency and the automation of the processing process. This article will introduce the working principle, main features and important role of tea screening machine in tea processing.

The leaf screening machine uses technologies such as vibrating screens to screen tea leaves on the screen. By adjusting the pore size and screening speed of the screen, the tea leaves can be sorted into different sizes and shapes. Larger tea leaves are screened to the upper layer, while smaller tea leaves fall through the sieve holes to the lower layer, thereby achieving tea grading and sorting.


Efficient screening: The tea sifting machine can quickly and accurately separate tea leaves into different sizes, improving the overall quality and appearance of the tea leaves.

Adjustability and flexibility: The sieve size and screening speed of the tea screening machine can be adjusted according to the characteristics and processing requirements of the tea, and is suitable for different tea varieties and processing techniques.

Reliable and durable: The tea screening machine adopts high-quality materials and precision manufacturing technology, has high durability and stability, and can operate stably for a long time.

main effect

Improve the quality of tea: Through screening, the tea screening machine can remove impurities, fragments and small leaves in the tea, ensuring the overall quality and appearance of the tea.

Unify tea size: The tea sifting machine can classify tea leaves according to certain standards, making the size of tea leaves more uniform and improving the quality and taste of tea leaves.

Improve production efficiency: The tea screening machine can realize automatic screening and grading of tea, greatly improving production efficiency and processing speed.

Reduce labor costs: Traditional tea screening and grading require a lot of manpower investment, and the application of tea screening machines can reduce labor costs and improve production efficiency.

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