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Vertical Vibration Elevator

The vertical vibration elevator is driven by a vibration motor to drive the spiral blade, so that the material is lifted to a certain height along the spiral blade. Different from the traditional bucket elevator, the main function of the vertical vibration elevator is to cool the material during the lifting process. It is mostly used for high temperature materials such as quartz sand, pearl sand, carbon black and so on after drying. There are two main ways to cool the vertical vibration elevator:

1. Open type, by not adding a sealed cover, the material is lifted, and natural wind is used to cool the material to a certain extent.

2. Sealed type, through the design of adding a cover to the overall vertical hoist, adding a fan port at the top of the sealing cover, adding an air outlet at the lower end of the sealing cover, and blowing cold air from the upper part and hot air from the lower part. It is mostly used for materials with larger dust.

The common specifications of vertical vibration hoists are 800, 1000, 1200, etc. The temperature of the materials that can be lifted is mostly around 200-600 degrees (the higher the temperature, the thicker the plate needs to be). The design can be made of stainless steel or carbon steel. Note: If the material is spherical, the angle of the spiral blade can be reduced according to the situation to make the material not easy to slip off.

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