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Vacuum conveyor is the best choice for conveying activated carbon particles

 Vacuum conveyor is a dust-free airtight pipeline conveying equipment that uses vacuum suction to convey granular and powdery materials. It uses the air pressure difference between the vacuum and the ambient space to form gas flow in the pipeline to drive the movement of powdery materials to complete the powder. delivery.

The activated carbon particles are conveyed by a vacuum conveyor, and the conveying output reaches 600 kg per hour. The activated carbon particles are sucked into the nozzle along with the outside air to form a material flow, and reach the body through the suction pipe, and the gas and material are separated in the body. The separated material enters the receiving equipment. The dusty gas is filtered and discharged cleanly; when the feeding amount reaches the set time or material level, the controller will automatically cut off the power, the vacuum feeder will stop working, and the hopper door will automatically open, and the material will fall into the hopper of the equipment. At the same time, the compressed air automatically cleans the filter through the pulse blowback valve. When the time or material level sensor sends out a feeding signal, the feeding machine is automatically started. Start the feeding of the next cycle, and then go back and forth to achieve the purpose of automatic feeding.
The vacuum feeder is used to convey powder and granular materials. The equipment has a high degree of automation, simple control, high production efficiency, low cost of use, safety and environmental protection, meets GMP standards, meets CIP requirements, and meets the efficient production needs of customers' automated production lines. .

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