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Tips for Adjusting The Upper And Lower Counterweights of The Rotating Vibrating Screen

Regarding the vibrating screen, its upper and lower weight should be adjusted frequently. During the adjustment period, techniques and methods should be mastered. Otherwise, adjustment errors may occur, which may affect the use.

1.Change the phase angle of the upper and lower weights to change the movement track and residence time of the material on the screen
Note: Sometimes due to the influence of parameters such as specific gravity, humidity, and stacking angle, it is impossible to adjust the phase angle at one time, so the user should have enough patience to adjust to achieve the best performance of the screener.

2.Adjust the extra weight. The tests of the upper and lower weights are equipped with additional weights. Its function is to increase the exciting force of the screen machine. According to the number of layers of the user's screening machine and the specific gravity of the material, the excitation force can be increased or decreased. Increase or decrease the additional weight can achieve the screening effect of the screening machine.

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