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The Use Process Of Plastic Particle Vibrating Screen

Plastic particles are a kind of white granular material. The sieving equipment for sieving this size usually uses our multi-layer linear vibrating screen.

Screening material: plastic particles
Vibrating screen equipment: DZSF-1550-3P
Material: carbon steel, spray paint treatment

Screening process: The plastic particles enter the multi-layer linear vibrating screen equipment through the conveyor belt. Due to the double action of the motor's excitation force and the own gravity, the plastic particles make a straight jump along the linear screen surface, and in the upper layer the plastic particles are sieved out at the upper discharge port; while the plastic particles smaller than the mesh size of the screen enter the lower screen, and still follow the same material movement track. After the three-layer screen, the plastic particles are divided into larger than 2.5mm plastic particles, 2.5mm-1.4mm plastic particles, 1.4mm-80 mesh plastic particles, and plastic particles smaller than 80 mesh. Four specifications of materials.

The screening features of plastic particle vibrating screen:
1. Improve the fineness of the material, and the different particle sizes are distinguished.
2. The screening output is large and the work efficiency is improved.
3. Strong and durable, low failure rate and low noise.

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