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Thailand Rice Tumbler Separator

As everyone knows, Thailand is a rice exporter, whose rice is known for all around the world. The standard of Thailand rice is the most normative and detailed one. The rigorous standard protect the exporting quality of Thailand rice. In the grading process, the removing impurities and separating is the most important procedure. The tumbler separator manufactured by Xinxiang Dayong Vibration Equipment Company plays a great role in the process of removing and separating rice.

The application of tumbler separator in rice grading:
The tumbler separator produced by Xinxiang Dayong Machinery adopts non-vibration motor with a lower frequency so as to keep the material character. The sieve could be add to 5 layers, which could reach to fine separating. The diameter could be manufactured into 2.6 meters, the capacity could reach to 1.5 tons per hour. In the processing of grading rice, the bouncing ball and PU ring could clear the sieve for preventing block on the sieve. According to customer's requirement, the contacting part was set as stainless steel for cater to GMP, more wear-resisting.
Client's Machine:
Below is the picture of tumbler separator produced by Dayong Machinery: