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Static Electricity Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen

In fact, the static electricity of the material is due to the static electricity generated by the friction between the material and the screen during the screening process. The static electricity makes it difficult for the material to agglomerate and get off the screen, which causes difficulties in screening. This was really difficult to solve in the past, but now we don't have to worry about it. The ultrasonic vibrating screen series uses the most advanced ultrasonic screening technology to successfully solve the screening problems such as high static electricity and easy clumping, and greatly improves the screening efficiency.

Although there is an ultrasonic vibrating screen, we still need to do two things in the screening process:

One is to connect the ground wire on the screen to make the current flow. This will reduce the generation of static electricity;

The second is to add antistatic agents to the material before screening. Ultrasonic vibrating sieve is an ultrasonic power-supplying clearing transducer input by ultrasonic power, turning it into a 35KHz mechanical vibration, so that ultra-fine powders receive huge ultrasonic acceleration, thereby inhibiting adhesion, friction, leveling, and other network blocking factors, improving the screen Separate efficiency and network cleaning efficiency. It achieves the purpose of high-efficiency screening and net cleaning, thus making ultra-fine powder screening easy. Especially suitable for users with high added value fine powder.