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Starch tumbler screen

Xinxiang Dayong DYB series swing sieve is a circular sieving machine specially designed according to the requirements of large-scale granular material screening and high-precision screening in industrial production. It can meet customers' efficiency problems and fine process requirements for granular material screening. Simulate the artificial sieving motion. By adjusting the eccentricity, radial and cut angle, the circular motion of the screen is combined with the parabolic motion of the dust upward to create a three-dimensional rolling motion of horizontal and throwing. Spreading in the axial direction with spiral motion, so as to complete the sieving process of fine particles, which meets all fine and ultra-fine ranges of powder and particulate materials, especially suitable for difficult-to-handle materials.

According to the individual needs of industrialized production, Xinxiang Dayong technical engineers design more special structures to greatly improve the performance of swing screening machines. Xinxiang University uses a large-area sieve loading ultrasonic screening system. It has independent technology, and even a diameter of 3000mm, there are mature ultrasonic screening system loading schemes, and it is the proprietary technology of Xinxiang University. The sieve amount used in flour, starch and glutinous rice flour is much larger than that of ordinary sieving machines. The single sieving capacity can even reach 25t / h, and an ultrasonic generator can drag 1 to 3 transducers, which greatly reduces investment costs.