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Single layer circular vibrating screen

Product profile:
Circular vibrating screen is a new mining screening machine, making circle movement, with two types as single layer and double layers. The single layer and double layers circular vibrating screen were similar in structure and working principle, while different in layer and screening effect. The single layer one is used in coal dressing and mineral dressing with a great effect, in the grading of chemical, construction, electricity industries with a fully application.
working principle:
This machine’s structure is very simple, constituted by screen box, screen, vibrator and damping spring. The vibrator installed on the lateral plate would be driven by the triangular belt on the motor. The vibrator would produce centrifugal force when motivated by motor and make the screen shake so as to accomplish the grading.
Major features:
1.The little particles would move down and discharge automatically.
2.Small amplitude, high frequency, high screening efficiency.
3. The big particles plugged on the screen would be shaken down by the exciting force produced by the eccentric hammer.
4. The screen angle can be adjusted to change the speed of the material on the surface so that improve the handling capacity.