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Selection And Screening of Rose Buds

When it comes to roses, the first thing that comes to mind is romantic love, but in addition to tasting and ornamental functions, roses and rose buds actually have many uses, such as making rose tea, rose essential oil, etc., there are generally the following production processes of flowers and flower buds: picking-drying-packaging and storage.

In the process of sorting after picking, in addition to the big blooming roses, there are also many rose buds of different sizes, leaves, soil, etc. If you select completely manually, it takes a lot of manpower and a lot of cost. As a widely used screening equipment, the vibrating screen can also replace part of the manpower to classify rose buds in size, saving labor costs and improving efficiency.
Roses are easy to wither and change color after picking, and they are not suitable for long-term storage. Therefore, they need to be processed and dried in time. Picking before drying is an important step. After the large roses are manually selected, they are classified by a vibrating screen according to the size of the buds.

A flower bud drying manufacturer in Gansu contacted us a few days ago, hoping to classify rose buds, leaves and soil based on the use of a vibrating screen. After understanding the customer’s needs, we recommend that the customer a winnowing vibrating screen to process the material, first use a fan to blow off the leaves and light straws in the flower buds, and then use the different mesh sizes to sort the flower buds. So that customers can use them for different purposes after drying and storage.

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