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Scraper Vibrating Sieve for Tobacco Powder

Clients’ request, they need two sets of vibrating sieve to pass the Tobacco Powder through 10 mesh single layer, sieving purpose is removing the foreign impurity and big particles from Tobacco powder. They are using one set of small vibrating sieve. Due to the moisture content of tobacco powder, it is easy to agglomerate into balls during screening. So they need workers to break the lumps of tobacco powder by hand.

According to his request and our other clients’ using experience, we recommend the following Scraper vibrating sieve for him.
Model: DYQ1000-1S
Equipment diameter: 1000mm
Sieve mesh size: 10 mesh single layer
Auto-Scraper cleaning system: One set
Equipment material: Contact tobacco powder part: SUS304
Sealing ring: silicon material with certification
Special design: Chinese famous brand vibration motor with 18 months warranty (More reliable vibration source); Quick opening ring on the frame of vibrating sieve, easy to change and clean screen; Auto-Scraper cleaning system on the screen surface, auto-break the lumps of tobacco powder and improving screening precision; bouncing ball cleaning system, reduce mesh plugging.