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rotary vibrating sieve for chemical powder

 A customer needs to sieve a chemical powder to remove impurities and particles. The customer chose a 1200mm rotary vibrating screen and used a 20-mesh screen for screening. Since the chemical powder is easily affected by moisture during the sieving process, the customer chose a stainless steel rotary vibrating sieve and used a sealed structure to ensure that the powder will not be polluted by outside air and moisture.

During the operation, the customer sends the chemical powder evenly into the feeding port of the rotary vibrating screen through the feeding device. The rotary vibrating screen sieves the powder through high-speed rotation, separates impurities and particles, and discharges clean chemical powder from the sieve holes. Because the customer needs higher screening efficiency, only one layer of screen is used, but the screening effect can be changed by adjusting the vibration frequency and amplitude of the rotary vibrating screen.
By using this rotary vibrating sieve, customers have successfully removed impurities and particles from chemical powders and obtained high-quality finished powders. At the same time, due to the characteristics of high efficiency, precision, reliability and energy saving of the rotary vibrating screen, customers have also obtained higher production efficiency and economic benefits.

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