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Roller Screen for Metallurgical Coke Screening

Carbon products are mainly used in graphite electrodes, carbon blocks, electric carbon and other industries. They are widely used. Among them, metallurgical coke is an indispensable raw material for carbon production lines and is also a common industrial product. The particle size is also required, generally less than 8mm. The production process is as follows: raw metallurgical coke enters the crushing equipment for crushing, the crushed materials enter the screening equipment for screening, the ones larger than 8mm are returned to the crusher through the belt to continue crushing, and the materials smaller than 8mm can enter the next process Continue to react.

The mesh size of the metallurgical coke screening screen is 8mm, the screening output is 35-40 m3/h, and the specific gravity of the metallurgical coke is 0.8. Therefore, it is recommended to use a drum screen for customers. 1560 is selected according to the screening output and the physical properties of the metallurgical coke. Because of the long equipment length, the vibrating screen manufacturer design divides the screen into three sections, one section every 2 meters. There are two main purposes:
1. The length of the equipment is long, and the use of segmented screens is also relatively convenient for installation.
2. The screen is a vulnerable part of the equipment. The damage of the screen seriously affects the screening accuracy of the material. Therefore, if the screen is damaged, the customer needs to replace the new screen immediately. Use the segmented screen to achieve which section of the screen If it is broken, just change the section, and there is no need to replace the whole screen. Save the cost of production!

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