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Quartz Sand Using Vibrating Screen

The most commonly used vibrating screen on quartz sand ore is linear vibrating screen, and the common use screen mesh size is usually #4 / #6 / #8 / #10 / #20 / #40 / #70 / #100 /#120 etc., according to the last crushing situation process and the customer's requirements, Generally choose 4-5 layers for grading.

Commonly used models DZSF-1040 / DZSF-1240 / DZSF-1540, 4-5 layers.

The feeding rate of 1040 linear sieve is 5t / h, the feed rate of 1040 linear sieve 1540 is 10t / h. According to the different batches of raw materials crushed and the different mesh screens and layers of the selected vibrating screen, the feed amount will be different. It is necessary to combine the production situation on site.

The simple production process after quartz sand mining is crushing, conveying (lifting) to the vibrating screen, the uppermost coarse material is returned to continue crushing, and the remaining specifications are packed out of different specifications through different outlets.

In the conveying step before screening, the TH ring chain bucket elevator is mostly used, and the belt TD bucket elevator is also used to reduce costs.