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quartz sand linear vibrating screen

Quartz sand is a common industrial mineral raw material, widely used in various industries, quartz sand can be divided into ordinary quartz sand and fine quartz sand, etc., linear sieve is one of the most used by most manufacturers of quartz sand model.

The linear vibrating screen is driven by a double vibrating motor during work. Under the action of the quartz sand, the quartz sand starts to perform a parabolic jump movement and jumps to the end to separate. The length of the straight sieve determines the distance that the quartz sand jumps on the sieve surface, so if you want high accuracy, the straight line distance can be lengthened, but it must not be extended without limit.

Because quartz sand is very fluid, it has to be longer on the screen surface, so there is some saying about the excitation force of the vibration motor, which requires the manufacturer to adjust the eccentric blocks at both ends.
Quartz sand evenly enters the inlet of the sieving machine. Under the excitation of the vibration motor, it sieves in the direction of the outlet while jumping, and sieves several products and unqualified sieves through the multilayer screen. The following objects are discharged from their respective outlets and flow into the silo or holding barrel. The quartz sand vibrating screen has high screening accuracy, large processing capacity, simple structure, low energy consumption, low noise, long screen life and good sealing. , No dust spillage, easy maintenance, can be used for automated operations in assembly line production.