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Forced Vibrating Sieve For Egg Yolk

Egg yolk powder is a kind of food with high nutritional value, and as a food emulsifier, it has a wide range of applications in food processing. It is a powder made from fresh eggs through multiple processes. It is fresh eggs. The most ideal substitute for biscuits, chicken essence, egg yolk pie, instant noodles, ice cream, puffed snacks, high-end feed and other products. In addition, egg yolk powder can also be used to extract egg butter, lecithin, etc., for medicine and health care food.

Recently, we have a customer asked about the sieving of egg yolk powder and whole egg powder. The aperture of the customer’s sieving is 16 meshes, and the output is not too large. They have not used a sieving machine before, and asked about our rotary vibrating sieve equipment. Ordinary rotary vibrating sieve can achieve good results. According to our experience, egg yolk powder is a bit sticky, so with ordinary rotary vibrating sieve equipment, egg yolk powder can easily block the screen, so we recommend the forced vibrating screen to customers,which is also called a forced vibrating screen. It is a new type of screening equipment. Its main feature is that it is equipped with a silicone scraper (brushes can also be installed), which is convenient to strengthen the self-cleaning function of the vibrating screen. , Under the action of the scraper rotating and pushing, the impurities can be pushed to the discharge port and discharged automatically, which reduces the occurrence of network blockage. Customers appreciate our ideas, and we will also do a good job of after-sales tracking of the use of the machine.

If you need to sieving egg yolk powder but do not know which sieving machine is suitable, please consult us, we will recommend the sieving machine for you.

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