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DZSF series linear vibratory screener

Product profile:
DZSF series linear vibrating screen is a machine that it can screen all kinds of dry powder or particle material, used for single layer and multi-layers.
The screen box usually used by wood, also will used by stainless steel when the material need high hygienic standard.

Structural composition:

The composition of DZSF series linear vibrating screen is simple, general was made of five parts as screen box, screen frame, vibration motor, damping system and support device.

Working principle:
The vibration source of DZSF series linear vibrating screen were two same vibration motors fixed on the screen box. When working, the eccentric
block set on the two motors produce centrifugal force and make back and forth movement in the direction of the centrifugal force. The whole screen
body was supported by the damping device and make a continuous rectilinear movement. The material on the screen surface was tossed into the
next screen surface and then move quickly and fluffy up to the end of the screening.

Major features:
1. Very suitable for the automatic work in pipelining production.
2. Less consumption, high screening efficiency.
3. Simple structure, great seal, no powder fly.
4. The highest mesh up to 325, can screen 7 different materials.