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Moxa Linear Vibrating Screen Manufacturer

Linear vibrating screen equipment is a screening equipment that can remove impurities or classify materials. The linear vibrating screen produced by Dayong vibration has a good screening effect in the screening of agricultural and sideline products, chemical industry, medicine, fertilizer and other industries. Among them, moxa linear vibrating screen is a kind of professional screening equipment specially produced for screening moxa.

Moxa is a kind of mugwort leaf that has been crushed, filtered and removed, and has a fragrant smell. It is mostly used for acupuncture. Because the particle thickness of moxa is different, it can be used in different productions. For example, large particles of moxa can be used for warm needles or moxa sticks; fine particles of moxa can be used for making moxa sticks. So how are the coarse and fine particles of moxa separated? Yes, you are not mistaken, of course we use the linear vibrating screen equipment produced by my Dayong vibration equipment co, ltd.

Because moxa will agglomerate after being vibrated, the length of the linear vibrating screen needs to be long enough. After the moxa is transported to the screen surface of the linear screen, it will travel a long distance on the screen surface, and try to make the moxa The velvet is sieved cleanly on the screen surface. The length of the linear vibrating screen determines the screening accuracy of the material, so the linear vibrating screen for screening moxa needs a longer length.

The advantages of using linear vibrating screen to screen moxa:
1. Because the length of the linear screen is long enough, the accuracy of screening moxa is high.
2. The output of screening moxa is larger.
3. It greatly saves labor and improves the production efficiency of the workshop.
4. One machine has multiple functions, which not only screens out the impurities in moxa, but also divides moxa into multiple levels according to particle size.

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